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  1. Anyone know of a free program that will unzip .rar only? My computer automatically unzips zip files just not rar files. Thanks all!

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    Thank you for this WONDERFUL INFO!!! I needed the Freeware , and I can't wait to use it TODAY!!!!!!


  3. Thank you for the link

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    If anyone has WinRAR already, it has a feature to do the same thing. When installing be sure to tell it to integrate into Explorer (if using a Windows computer) and then whenever you rightclick a zip or rar (or whatever) file, you get a bunch of unzipping options, including to unzip to individual folders. Fabulous feature!

  5. this sounds fantastic...will definitely check it out...thanks for the tip.

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    okay, I love this new software, but I'm stumped on how to get it to accept passwords. any ideas?
    ~~Julie P.~~

  7. Helen!!!!! ((((((hugs)))))) This is amazing! My evening was going to be spent sitting here unzipping stuff. You just made my life so much easier!

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    Thanks - I thought it was fantastic too - it has saved me so much time!

    And Julie, sorry, no I don't know how it handles passwords, other than if one is needed, it might stop at that file and give a code. I always double check my files after the job is done - to make sure everything unzipped ok.

    If I find any 'empty' folders - I try to unzip that file again - sometimes it didn't unzip right because it was corrupt or a password was needed - which I then enter. If a file is password protected - you have to have the password - there isn't any program that will allow you to unzip a file that is password protected - without the password. That is done to ensure against piracy.

    So - if the program doesn't prompt you for a password during the unzipping, then check the folders afterwwards to find the ones that are empty - then re-check their zipped version. Maybe the web site where we downloaded it from would have information on it. That's all I know for now.

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    Thanks so much. This is awesome!

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    Helen, thanks so much for the link! I just downloaded it and tried it, it unzipped loads of files right before my very eyes!! Wow!

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