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  1. Welcome!

    Just a quick reminder of our guidelines....

    The instructions are as follows:
    You'll receive 1 instruction every 10 minutes for the next hour. Artistic Interpretation is allowed, just let us in on how you got to where you ended up. Once the hour is up, you'll have another hour to upload your layout to the Speed Scrap Challenge Gallery (link will be posted later) and to link it back in this thread.
    If you're new, or lost, feel free to ask any question you like! I, or one of our fabulous SS Junkies will be happy to answer! DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED! Sometimes the steps might seem difficult...or sometimes they ARE difficult...don't give up! Pull our your Creative License and do what you feel, or go where it leads you :)...we don't want anyone to feel "lost"....the goal is to create a place where you can get your SS rush, and try something new! And honestly, some of my favorite pages were ones I threw together in a Speed Scrap! So enjoy!
    You will NOT be disqualified unless you don't post a what have you got to lose? Let's have some FUN!
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  2. Ready?

    1. Pick one paper OR use two papers, but blend them together

  3. We got started a couple of minutes late, so I know this seems like it's coming really fast, but take heart...this will be the most taxing instruction this morning...after this it's all downhill :)

    1. Pick one paper OR use two papers, but blend them together
    2. Use 2-4 photos (if using less than 4, duplicate one or two, so that you have 4 pictures on your page), three very close up, and one moderately close up. Arrange the photos horizontally across your page, tilted at different angles and slightly overlapping.

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    I'm here....better late than never :)

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    Don't we post to the speed scrap challenge gallery?

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    Wohooo - I'm here!!
    Almost forgot it!!


  7. YES, thanks Katie! I copied and pasted from an earlier instruction....the post has been corrected!

    Quote Originally Posted by SlidingKat View Post
    Don't we post to the speed scrap challenge gallery?

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    Im running a little late this morning but I am here.

    Dancing puts a smile in your feet.

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    Caught me off guard because I didn't even realize we have a misc. gallery--but sure enough we do.

  10. Yeah, more friends here in the wee small hours of the morning!

    Thanks for coming!

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