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    Funny, you should bump this because I was just looking at doing pse shadows tonight. Thankfully I caught BabyofMine, well, first it was Phil, on hello and she walked me through it...still have to learn how to adjust the settings a bit.

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    Not sure what bumping up means...sorry! I've fooled around with adjusting the drop shadows and then copying the modified drop shadow to other layers on my page but it's just too time consuming. Now I use a drop shadow action It makes it look a whole lot more realistic.
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    Patty Debowski

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    Bumping up means getting or keeping a thread up towards the top. I had found this thread and was about to ask questions here when I found Julie/babyofmine on hello.
    I will check that out.
    But I used shadows for the first time - I just hope I didn't overkill.

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    thanks Debra - very handy hint.

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    That's amazing- Thanks for sharing

  6. Oh my gosh, Patty, THANK YOU for posting this tip!! The first one didn't help me - it must be for version 5.0 only - but I just tried your way and it WORKED! I'm so excited!

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