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  1. Pse Users... Shadow Trick I found!

    Maybe I'm the only but I have always put drop shadows on last thing because once they were there... even if I took them all the way down to 0, they were there unless I did the "undo". That naturally meant that I couldn't delete the shadow once I got too far into other steps of creating my layout...

    Well... Just found that if I right click on the "f" in the layer a drop down menu comes up and one of the choices is "clear layer style"... Yaaaay!!!

    Just thought I'd share :)

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    Cool... I will try to remember that if I ever get around to teaching myself how to use drop shadows!!!! LOL

  3. re: drop shadows

    THANKS!!! I have been doing the same thing! i thought i had to wait until the end, or go all the way back in undo history. that is great!

  4. Thank you for the tip!

  5. Wow - can't wait to try it out - great tip! thank you!

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    Yes, I remember when I first discovered the option to remove layer styles. Like you, Debra, I had been going backwards in the history window. Then, thank God, someone on the photoshop elements techniques forum asked if there was an easier way & my eyes were opened to "the miracle of removing styles" The moral of the story? Don't hesitate to ask because you think your question is unimportant. ~Nita

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    Great idea, thanks!!

  8. Oooh, ooh, ooh! I just tried it out on a layout, and discovered that I can also change the direction of the shadows! I'd always wanted to be able to do that but thought you only could in PS!!!! Hooray!

  9. Extremely useful -Just bumping it up

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    Another way in PSE to clear a layer style is to drag the layer style icon to the trashcan just like deleting a layer. The layer style icon in PSE 4 looks like a F and in PSE 5 it looks like a sun.
    Patty Debowski

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