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    How to post a link

    I use PSE4 and do not know how to post a link. Is there anybody out there can explain this? I am in the "Quick Page Exchange-Wishful", and would like to post a link on my QP's.

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    just upload to the gallery then copy the web adress at the top of the page in your post box there is a little earth pic with an chian in front of it click there and it will let you past your link in a small popup box press ok and add a title in the highlighted area if you like.

    Hope that understandable.

    Like this

    [ URL=" ee&name=ginabee"] ee&name=ginabee[/URL ]

    And add your title for your link to the blue area and it becomes this

    [ URL=" ee&name=ginabee"]my fave from your gallerie[/URL ]

    And it looks like this
    my fave from your gallerie
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