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Thread: New Designer.... Please Welcome Alevtina Designs!

  1. New Designer.... Please Welcome Alevtina Designs!

    Hi Everyone!

    Please join me in welcoming

    Alevtina Denisova

    to our GDS Designs Team!

    Alevtina resides in Russia, is a talented painter and I think you'll find her designs quite beautiful and a wonderful addition to our team!

    We are so excited to have Alevtina joining us!

    Here's a little bio from her in her own words:

    "My name is Alevtina Denisova, live in the city of Rostov-on-Don,Russia , graduated in 2000 from Rostov State University, specializing teacher of fine, decorative art and drawing. In 2000, was a member of «Young artists Don». In 2001, a party of young artists Don «We live in the North Caucasus». In 2003, a party of young artists Don «The world in which I live». In 2005, a party of young artists Don «Don region». She worked as illustrators for newspapers: «Rostizdat», «Anturazh», «book». At this time, since 2006 to 2008 working fotodizaynerom: collecting vignettes, do retouching, an art installation. "

    Check out Snow Rose

    There are many wonderful other products already up in her new store!
    Big Welcome to you, Alevtina, to the GDS Design Team & Our Wonderful GDS Community!!

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    Welcome, Alevtina! That is a beautiful kit. I hope you enjoy being here as much as the rest of us & I look forward to seeing more of your designs!

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    welcome to GDS. Love the cute kit

  4. We're so glad to have you here Alevtina!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Welcome to GDS Alevtina! Your kit is beautiful.

  6. So glad you're here, and LOVE the rose kit! Heading over to the store to check out the rest!

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    Welcome to GDS, Alevtina! We're glad to have you as one of our designers--your work is beautiful.

  8. Welcome to GDS Alvetina. Your work is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing more of it :)

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    Welcome to gds - love your designs - can't wait to see what else you have for us :)

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    Hello and welcome to GDS. Great to have you here as a designer and part of a great team. Love the Rose to the store to check out your other great designs.

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