Here is my layout. I'm not very happy with it, but this always happens to me when I have to meet deadlines
I enjoyed a lot the chat and scrap! Thank you!

Now, let's see if I used everything.
1) Date elements: the date is on the tag;
2) Trio of colors: white, black and turquoise;
3) Vellum: the word "are" in the Word art;
4) Greenery
5) Word art: you are someone;
6) Glitter and/or metal: glitter butterfly and metal tag and eyelets;
7) Frame: the big turquoise frame;
8) Worn/torn/folded paper: paper 3;
9) Ribbon and/or stitching: ribbon on the frame;
10) Polka dots: on the ladybird's back;
11) Gradient: the ribbon;
12) Something black and something white (almost everything!);
13) Something cute: the turquoise ladybug;
14) Sign/label/tag: metal tag;
15) Multipla photos: there are six of them (even if it's always the same!);
16) Layers: too many!
17) Something suspended: the frame suspended with a ribbon and a metallic hook;
18) Edge treatment: paper 2 and 4;
19) Something inexpected: the frame that frames a film;
20) Item of choice: a ribbon in a flower shape (now, it's too late in this part of the world, don't ask me to find something similar to link here...)