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Thread: Scrap N' Chat starts in 40 minutes in the Chat Room!

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  1. Scrap N' Chat starts in 40 minutes in the Chat Room!

    Hope to see you there!!!

  2. I may drop in to see what is going on, but I really don't think I can get anything made! I am babysitting 3 kids and it will be lunch time. The kids are almost 3, almost 2, and a 1 1/2 year old, so they really can't go unsupervised!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by catschwartz View Post
    I may drop in to see what is going on, but I really don't think I can get anything made! I am babysitting 3 kids and it will be lunch time.
    The nice thing about the Scrap N' Chat, catschwartz, is that you have until MIDNIGHT to get your layout done!

    Excited to see you there!

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    Hope to pop in for a few minutes.

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    I am going to miss it, I am at work on my phone... Hope you all have fun!!

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  6. Sorry we missed ya, Tronesia! Hope you can make it next time!

  7. Oh... noooooooooo..... I was painting and plastering and totally forgot about this. UGH!!! I wanted to be there, too!!

  8. my layout for the scrap and chat

    Here's the link for my layout:

    In case I didn't do that right, the title is woolly bear. I haven't figured out how to insert photos all of the time yet, sorry. I know it would be easier to see it at the same time you are reading this. :)
    I used some of the elements for more than one category. I hope that is Ok.
    I did use a shortcut for some of them. I don't know how to do worn and torn yet. I was trying to find one of Lynn's things but I had computer issues recently and that file wasn't loaded again yet., so I used a ready made item by wetfish designs. That is the bottom edge item with the cardboard look, the ribbon, the gray paper. That was all one thing already put together.
    I used a lot of TMA Designs because that is my daughter Lynn's things and I am most familiar with them!
    Here is the list of what I used.
    1-Date line-that is by Tricia Curtis
    2-Trio of colors-Blues and greens, but I also used pinks to tie in with Amelia's outfit.
    3-Vellum- the aqua tag in the bottom right
    4-Greenery- well I changed this a little and used fall colrs- not green, but I figured that was OK
    5-Word art- FALL
    6-Glitter-a little aqua along the bottom
    7-Frame-Around the little owl
    8-Worn/torn-that was part of the wetfish element
    9-ribbon-also part of the wetfish element
    10-polka dots-on the belly of the owl
    11-gradients-the little square accent papers
    12-black and white-the eyes of the owl
    13-something cute-Amelia and Brandon-or you could count the owl
    14-sign-the info on the photo
    15-multiple photos
    17-something suspended-Dancing princess Designs
    18-edge treatment-also wetfish designs element
    19-20-something unexpected-the flair at the bottom. I thought i gave the photo a unifying touch of color-Dancing Princess Designs. This is also my item of choice because there are a lot of flairs in the shoppe right now.

    I really had fun doing this. It was something new for me. I look forward to seeing what other people come up with!
    Sorry I didn't use more from your shop. I will have to look here more often!
    Thanks again for hosting the challenge.

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    Here is my LO

    Pilot Knob

    . Date Element- on tag
    2. Trio of colors
    3. Vellum------made paper under big picture vellum
    4. Greenery--leaves under big photo
    5. Word Art------up in corner
    6. Glitter & or metal—chicken wire
    7. Frame---around main photo
    8. Worn/Torn/Folded Papers any or all---Brown paper under photos
    9. RIBBON and/or STITCHING---pink bow corner of main photo
    10. POLKA DOTS---vellum and ribbon
    11. GRADIENTS/COLOR VARIATIONS --- Background paper
    12. BLACK & WHITE—turned photo black and white
    13. SOMETHING CUTE---bird
    14. SIGN/LABEL/TAG—Brown tag
    16. LAYERS---everything is layered
    17. SOMETHING SUSPENDED---string with acorn off corner of main photo
    18. EDGE TREATMENT---DPD grunge makers around background paper
    19. SOMETHING UNEXPECTED---string cluster
    20. ITEM OF CHOICE—leaf cluster under bird

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    Carving out Memories

    Scrap-n-chat w/ Jenn 10-28-09
    1. Date element-Spookyville Colab
    2. Trio of Colors- Papers - Paisley Polka Dots kit by Snowflake Beach Designs
    3. Vellum- (didn't have any so improvised with tape & lowered opacity)
    4. Greenery- Christy Skaggs Rainy Day kit
    5. Word Art-Spooktacular Colab
    6. Glitter - on orange paper
    7. Frame - Paisley Polka Dot kit
    8. Ribbon - Paisley Polka Dot kit
    9. Worn/Torn paper-bottom frame-Spooktacular Colab
    10. Polka Dots-On frames & curve-Paisley Polka Dot kit
    11. Gradients-used gradient on Green paper
    12. Black & White- Bat - Spookyville Colab
    13. Something Cute- Kids in the pictures
    14. Tag- Paisley Polka Dot kit
    15. Multi-Photos
    16. Layers- papers
    17. Something suspended- Spider-Spookyville Colab
    18. Edge Treatment - Curve- Paisley Polka Dots
    19. Something Unexpected- Skull & Bones-Spookyville Colab
    20. Item of Choice- Bird in greenery- Paisley Polka Dot kit

    Fun chat Jenn, as always. Thanks for hosting

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