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    Here's mine...only 5 minutes late
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    um ... I M N idjit!
    DId the whole speed scrap with the wrong folder of kits open! Gotta redo it with GDS kits now. (I kept wondering why certain kits didn't show up -- like the alphas I just knew should have been there -- but thought maybe I hadn't imported them into the scrapping software yet --- DUH!) **shakes head**
    gonna redo and then load **sigh**

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    Don't go! Retiring is over-rated. I'll certainly miss you.

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    Dec 2007
    I know I am late, late start, late to get it done, but thought I would post it anyways


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    Nov 2008
    Thanks Chanin for the SS!!

    Better late than never...I got distracted by DH. He was fascinated at looking at the baby pics of himself. LOL!!

    Here is baby boy kurt.

    Have a safe Halloween everyone!!

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    oy! FireFox is driving me nuts ...
    but ... I am really late with this because I AM nuts already -- used kits from the wrong place to produce my LO (and finishing just a couple of minutes before "times up" ...) -- so re-did in just under an hour but ... I may end up doing it again (tomorrow maybe ... we'll see)
    Here's what I finally ended up with (and firefox crashed while trying to load it --grrrrr):

    Thanks Chanin for this great template and sorry to see you retire. Best wishes!

    (Here's my re-do:)
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