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Thread: Where in the World are You?

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    Apr 2009
    mid north coast Australia NSW
    Hi Peter ,and welcome to GDS We have a few aussies here and as my Avartar says i an also from Australia.where are you from?

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    WOW I can't believe I missed this! .. well .. Hi Everyone..

    I'm a Danish born Canadian now living Australia. I was brought up on Vancouver Island - Port Alberni to be exact and then moved to Qualicum Beach where my Mom lives now. Both my sons live in Courtenay. I met my hubby on the internet and after traveling back and forth between countries we decided to get married which is why I now live in Coffs Harbour Australia! .. But enough about me..

  3. Hi, I am from Manitoba, Canada

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    Hi, I'm Francesca from Italy!

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    ferate Guest
    I'm Annette. From the eastern side of North Carolina. :)

  6. Hi Everyone,
    I'm Tammy - mum to Zedekhai - 19mths old. I'm from Melbourne Australia,.
    Totally loving this site!

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    Hi I'm Heather and I'm from Canal Winchester, OH
    So glad to have found this site.
    Family Blog

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    where I am

    Graysville, Pennsylvania...where on Feb 5 we were lucky to get 36 ins of fresh snow..and also lucky to have our power go out for 12 days...:)))
    I am in western Pa..down at the bottom corner

    I signed up for Beginner photo shop classes to begin today...but no note yet?
    I am new to forums :(

  9. I'm Kim and recently moved from West Africa to Katy Texas. I have no idea what digital scrapbooking is.

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    Mar 2010
    Vancouver Island, BC Canada
    Hi, I am on Vancouver Island, BC Canada
    Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus

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