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    I'm from central Virginia! WOW! There are scrappers from around the world here!

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    Sep 2006
    New Mexico (yep still here) Yippee!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Susi View Post
    Hi I'm new from New Mexico..
    Me too! I'm in Artesia (30 min either way from Carlsbad and Roswell.) I live in between the aliens and the cave dwellers. lol

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    Hi everybody. I am from New Zealand and new to scrapbooking. It looks exciting and addictive! Cant wait to get going!

  4. I'm Debby and I live in So. California near Los Angeles.

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    Nice to hear from you. How long have you been into scrapbooking? It is a great way to preserve family moments as well as satisfying your creative talents.
    At the moment I am gathering together all the backgrounds, templates etc. ready to begin.
    One of the biggest tasks seems to be to sort out your photos and decide on a theme. I can see that it is going to take some time to do that.
    I gather that you have a family so I am sure that you have lots of material to work with.
    I have had a digital camera for a few years now but previously all my photos are in albums (or boxes) so I will have to spend some time sorting.
    I have done quite a lot of travelling and have been to America several times and tavelled through southern California. It is always exciting to see the big wide world out there!

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    Hey I'm from just outside of Vancouver, BC and totally Canadian (eh). Looking forward to the Olympics here in a few short months. Anyone from near here?

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    Been to Vancouver and Victoria several times, and absolutely love it there! Beautiful and lots to see and do. We went to Expo (87?) and stayed in Vancouver.

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    Yes, and you must have been as young as me too Very, very, very, young. It was super, but the weather was awful.

  9. I am from North west Georgia close to Tennessee

  10. Usa

    I am from San Diego, California USA.......that is So Cal as we call it.....hehe
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