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    Hope to be able to is so long time since I did the last one.
    Just have to go to sleep early and put the alarm to wake me a little before 4 AM my time.....LOL


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    I'd love to do it again, but last time I had a very hard day the day after (9 p.m. is 3 a.m. my time, I slept only from 6 to 7 a.m. ). I wish you all to have fun!

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    Jun 2008
    Alabaster, Alabama
    I will see you all tonight....going to go do all my "motherly duties" now.... :-\

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    Any hints for tonight?

  5. like maybe how many pics we need?
    Crystal in PA

  6. Hmm. I never really know WHERE I'm going to take you during a speed scrap, and tonight is no different. I'm preparing for DS's birthday and busy with digiscrap stuff, too.

    I think we're going to work with white space tonight. 1-3 photos I think.
    Snag me ---->

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    I have to go pick up the boy from church, but I'll be back as soon as I get him home and tucked into bed!

  8. Hubby is making some yummy dinnner so that I can play tonight.

  9. Just a few minutes...

    Of course I just suffered a photoshop crash. LOL. My speed scrap luck!

    Be right back with the first clue.
    Snag me ---->

  10. Oh Val! I hope it's better this time for you!

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