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  1. Quote Originally Posted by navar57 View Post
    Can I still play? I got my timezones mixed up. :) It really will be a speed scrap!
    You Betcha!!! Jump on in!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by adriablack View Post
    do all our elements have to be monochromatic or just the paper?
    just the paper.....

  3. Quote Originally Posted by californiateri View Post
    Okay - here's the question asker again! I take it that all the elements should be in a cluster by the top right photo?
    the heaviest clustering will be there, yes

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    I am not hating my clustering, which is saying a lot! lol

  5. It's ALL downhill from here!

    1. Pick 2 papers. Think "monochromatic" - are all the hues (tints and shades) of a single color. Use one as your background, and use the other to create a slight curved shape along the left side of your page.
    2. Crop your photos into circular shapes, remembering that we want a close up, of the subject. Place one of the photos in the top right of the layout, one in the middle section, but NOT directly in the middle, and one in the bottom left section of your page. (If you only picked two photos, duplicate one).
    3. Use a piece of mesh, chickenwire, or lace (something see-through-ish) underneath the photo in the top righthand side of the page, and extending down the side.
    For the next several steps, think clustering....I'll give you an item/or items and you use it, duplicating as many times as you'd like, in a cluster. keep in mind, however, that you'll want it LOOSELY still want to see somme of the mesh/chickenwire/lace through the clustered items.
    4. Pick 3 different flowers, 2 different leaf elements, 3 "live" elements (representations of animals, insects, etc), 2 strings, a heart, a tag and something metal.
    5. 1 scattered bits element and some "sparklies", one star, and a ribbon that can be used as a frame for your center photo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by britnkaysmemaw2 View Post
    Wonder what the term is for murdering your spouse in self defense in my state, lol. He blew a breaker, so I now am starting over....and I was caught up.
    hasnt he done that to you before Cathy?
    he needs to go to Bingo on Speed Scrap night

  7. Quote Originally Posted by elenasworld View Post
    hasnt he done that to you before Cathy?
    he needs to go to Bingo on Speed Scrap night

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    can my scattered bits be sparkly AND stars?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by angel85qcca View Post
    can my scattered bits be sparkly AND stars?

  10. Ok - who jinxed the speed scrap?? Can you believe that the USB port on my EHD just bit the dust? It got unplugged, I went to plug it in, and it's now free-moving. Like the weld broke. Holy cow.... I hope that the hdd inside the EHD is one that I can move to somewhere else and still access. If not, I'm in big, big trouble...

    Ok - off to find a cd with some scrapbook stuff on it.

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