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Thread: Brag Book Exchange - Andrea's Flower Fizz

  1. Hi ! I've uploaded on to 4shared ... do I need to upload on to a gallery ? Thanks

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    Oct 2008
    Farm in Michigan

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    Oct 2008
    Farm in Michigan
    I have mine uploaded to 4shared. I think it got uploaded twice. I went out of 4shared and thought it hadn't uploaded all the way so I did it again.
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    Beautiful kit!!! I love the elements!

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    I believe my 2 QPs were successfully uploaded.

  6. I just bought this kit with my $10! So, I am in!
    I'll be back with my BB pages.
    ~ Louise

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    ok.. so I forgot to sign up.. but I have a page almost done.

    Ok it's done and here it is

    I hope I've uploaded it to 4shared correctly :)
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    Thanks for the challenge. have uploaded to 4shared and here is the gallery link;

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    Sign me up! I'll upload my pages tonight.

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    Andrea, I would like to join. Not sure if there will be time to make a second bb so there is no preview posted to the gallery yet. My first page bb is uploaded to the exchange folder though.

    Update--Since the site will be down tomorrow (Oct 15), I have uploaded just my one bb page preview. Here is the link. Both the Flower Fizz kit and the BB templates 02 were used.

    Thank you for the challenge.
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