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Thread: Hello from holland

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    Sep 2009
    holland, close to amsterdam

    Hello from holland

    Hi everybody,

    My name is Mirjam, single mom of a 12 year old daughter and happy as can be
    Years and years and years ago i worked free-lance for a publishing agency making illustrations for schoolbooks and healthcare related material. Thats when i started working with illustrator and photoshop. After a careerchange (healthcare lol) there was no time for adobe anymore... my pc was too slow to run any adobe programs anyway so i started scrapbooking in my spare time.

    After a long time saving my pocketmoney i could finally buy that new computer and best of all i got myself the CS4. As happy as a kid in a candystore i am discovering the possibiltys of my technical skills for digital scrapbooking. All that was missing was some inspiration...

    It is like a complete new world is opening up for me and i love this place. I've seen already so much inspiring and beautiful designs. I cant wait to start becoming a member of this nice community.

    Best wishes, Mirjam.

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    Dec 2007
    Belleville, Illinois
    Hello Mirjam, and welcome to GDS. You definetly have come to the right place for tons of great inspiration. The designers here are fabulous which give the possibility for the awesome lo's you see in the gallery here at GDS from the members & creative teams. Look forward to seeing your lo's in the gallery.

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    Feb 2008
    Germany - Bavaria
    Hi and welcome at GDS.
    My name is Martina, Im 33 years old, married and lives in Germany, Bavaria.
    Im a mother of three wonderful childs. My son is 5 years, my daughter Eileen 3 years and baby Kathleen 2 month old.
    hugs Martina

  4. Welcome to GDS! I can't wait to see some LO's. You'll have a great time here. There are lots of fun challenges and everyone is super nice.
    Snag me ---->

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    Welcome .. glad that you found us here. Make sure that you check out the gallery for inspiration and the challenges to get you started. Not to mention,great posting bonuses also.
    aka tweederbug

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    Welcome, Mirjam! This is a fun and friendly place to hang out, and there are lots of challenges to join and have fun with. Look forward to seeing you around!

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    Aug 2008
    Northern Louisiana
    Hi Mirjam and welcome to GDS. The owners/designers here are great and it is a very friendly community. There are lots of challenges to get you going. I look forward to seeing your layouts in the gallery.

  8. Welcome, Mirjam! So excited to have you here, and to have you realizing your love of digital scrapbooking....can't wait to see your pages in the gallery!

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    Sep 2009
    holland, close to amsterdam
    well guys erh girls i've been here hanging out for the last week... got myself scrapping and scraping like a madman (woman)... I got so much nice comments so thx everybody!!!! I already feel home here :)

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    Hello Mirjam! Welcome!

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