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    Nov 2008
    Cincinnati, OH
    Well, I'm back, just in the nick of time! The LO's look fabulous! Off to comment in the gallery!!

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    I'm not crazy about it, but my favorite part is the flowers.

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    Dec 2007
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    OK, Tammy has never posted a lo to the thread before, so I am talking her thru it by chat. She is posting her lo now to the gallery. Just in the nick of time, lol.

  4. Here is mine, I started messing around with a frame, which wasn't even in the list of things to do... Anyway, I did finish it. Barely in time. It was fun and I enjoy being a lurker and reading all of the posts. I have to concentrate on my messing around, so I don't get much posting done, but I do enjoy them. Thanks Chanin and I love the shushybye kit. It is beautiful.

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    Huff's 11:02, am I on time? This was great fun!

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    WHEW!! That was so cool that I had those pics to use for this awesome kit and wordart!! Thanks Chanin for hosting...gotta get back to Disney Monopoly...7 year-old is getting to stay up late!!

    Will leave love tomorrow on the awesome layouts!!
    Here is mine.

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    Well, I almost made it, but got stuck cause my kit didn't have too many flowers and my layout decided to go in another direction...It's still one of the fastest I've done! I'll make it on time next week!

    Proudly CT for:

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    I posted my layout: Bernardo Winery. Thanks for letting me play so late.

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    Here is my LO, it is late but I thought I would share it anyways. I tried to get it done in less than a half hour but oh well

    Knights of the Roundtable

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    Gilbert, SC
    [WOW...this was cool. I had a lot of fun, but sure hate computers sometimes!!! I wanted to use the hushybye kit, but could not get it downloaded in time. I guess I'll finish downloading it now & enjoy it!! Thanks for the fun Chanin!! Here's my LO..."Just Be You"
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