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    This is my layout:

    Sorry I wasn't very chatty tonight, but I had fun reading all the comments! Thanks for a great ss Chanin!

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    Not good at all Jayne. Hope you get it out.

    Quote Originally Posted by briarwoodpups View Post
    dona - she's in and out for a bit with her kids!!

    well, ladies, i have to run - i spilled something on the carpet during the scrap and my shampooer is over at mom's. so i have to go get it before it gets really nasty!!

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    going to see if I can accomplish this in a half hour, it is homecoming and had to go see my kid perform at half time and make some cheesecakes for tomorrow before I could join in

  4. Here is mine...

    Thanks for the great scrap Chanin! It was tons of fun, and a fun challenge to use Shushybye in a different way (not sleepytime oriented).

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    Pretty sure I cheated, but here it is anyway :) I didn't use the 2 papers as paper strips, and I used the same photo twice...I really wanted this pic with this kit, but I didn't have another to go along with it!

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    Darn! Life got in the way and I didn't get a chance to come in until now. Let's see if I can take speed scrap incredibly literally and get this done in 20 minutes!

    The challenge is on!!!!

    Proudly CT for:

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    Farm in Michigan

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    Here is my layout:
    Maliah - September 2009

    Thanks for a fun speed scrap Chanin!

  9. Here's mine: A Dream.

    Thanks for the great kit to work with. Off to post comments.

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