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  1. SPEED SCRAP! join me Sept 16 10:30 PM EST

    I don't know if I'll have any internet access while in Albuquerque and will surely be having major withdrawals.

    I'll have a participation prize for ya'll, too. If you'd like a reminder for the event, you can set it here.

    I hope to see you there!

    (that's 10:30 PM EST)

    15 minute head start

    1. find a template to use to set up your LO. A majority of you layout will be based on the template so go
    ahead and find all of the things you need to fill it. (if you can't work with templates you can use one and lift the LO of it)

    2. shrink the template and mat it on another paper
    3. place some ribbon or string (or both) between the template and new background. It should be peeking
    out around the edges between the 2 background papers.
    4. Now do something to your photo(s) turn them black and white, sepia, etc.
    5. Add some buttons
    6. Add at least one other element that is not part of the orignial template.
    7. Title and date. You may journal if you wish.

    Upload to the Speed scrap gallery and post a link here. Don't forget to leave some gallery love for you fellow Speed Scrappers.
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    Belleville, Illinois
    After the busy busy week I have had, I am so ready for a speed scrap. But, Is this AM or PM???? If it is AM I will have to drag myself out of my first nite in my own bed after a week, lol.

  3. lol It is PM. Trying to do it just a tad later than normal so my west coast buddies can maybe make it to play. I'll edit the title with the PM addtion.
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  4. Sounds FABULOUS, Val! I'm marking my calendar NOW!

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    Oooh, I should be able to make this one! Yay!

    Proudly CT for:

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    Oh What Fun!
    I will need my scrap therapy before the MIL arrives Thursday for ELEVEN days

    my calendar is so marked for this

  7. I am totally going to try for it this time!! The time is absolutely perfect for me :)

    Wow, 11 days?! WAAAAY too long to have MIL around!! GL with that!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by elenasworld View Post
    Oh What Fun!
    I will need my scrap therapy before the MIL arrives Thursday for ELEVEN days

    my calendar is so marked for this
    lol. i <3 my mil, but 11 days might be too much, too. Now the 3 days at my Grand MIL's might be too much and I won't have internet!! I'm taking all my files and scrapping and designing while there as well as a couple bottles of wine
    Snag me ---->

  9. I DO like my MIL; she's a really nice lady. But I don't think I could handle 11 consecutive days of her in my house. Heck, I can barely handle 11 days with my OWN family!!

    Oo, 3 days with no internet? GL! But at least you'll have Photoshop

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    If I get the new Dan Brown book released on the 15th finished by 9/16 at 6:30 pm PST I'll be there. This week I will not go to town the same day as the speed scrap so I will not be late...

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