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  1. I have it on my calander!!!! hope to see you there :)

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    I hope I won't miss it this time Val! I won't go and check the chat room this time! LOL

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    Austin, Tx.
    Hope to be here. So far, nothing planned.

  4. I'm just popping in to say I can't wait for the SS Thursday. and I'm working on your Participation Prize.
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  5. Where do I go to find how do participate in this contest?
    what do I need to do?

  6. Speeds scraps are lots of fun. Its like many of the other challenges that take place every month at GDs. Only this one is completed over the course of 2 hours.

    During the first hour I will give you 1 prompt every ten minutes. You work as I give you the instructions. It could be anything from the number of photos and papers to use or specific elements,etc. Once we have finished the 1st hour you get to take the 2nd hour to get the layout completed and uploaded into the speed scrap gallery and think posted in the speed scrap thread with a link to the gallery image.

    After its all done we leave each other some gallery love and I'll send you your participation prize.

    They are very addicting, too. You've been warned.
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  7. I've been trying to figure out how to participate in the speed scrap tonight. cant find

  8. I was thinking today was the 16th.

    it is tomarrow....ah...


  9. So looking forward to this, Val! I am encouraged that the later hour will make it possible for me to attend distraction free! I just have to make sure to give my hubby lots of attention before the time rolls around...either that or find a football game for him to watch...then he won't even miss me...LOL

  10. I hope to see ya'll there.
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