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    Finished, my first speed scrap. Thanks, it was fun.

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    I just finished my first SS too!

    Here is my LO:

    And the gallery link:

    Thanks for a great time!! Fun stuff!

  3. Behold, the 30-minute layout! *huff-puff* I have sewing to do... be back tomorrow for commenting!! Thanks for the awesome super-speed-scrap, Val!!!

  4. Here is mine. I will have to leave love later, I am about to fall asleep on my keyboard, and I have work tomorrow. Thanks for the great speed scrap Val, and have a safe trip!


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    Confusing but fun speed scrap.

    Here's my LO: Wild Wild West

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    whew! I'm finally done! I just had to quit checking the forum so I could catch up! LOL

    saving my LO now!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by californiateri View Post
    Confusing but fun speed scrap.

    Here's my LO: Wild Wild West

    lol. so sorry for the confusion. I promise a nice PP to make up for it
    Snag me ---->

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    Oh dear, forgot something else... This cold has me down and almost out. Sorry I missed the fun.

  9. Ok! I finished! But in my typical fashion I used 5 or six kits! I will leave credits and love tomorrow! It is late here & I must sleep!!

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    YAY! I'm finally done! Whew! I had to scramble to keep up but I think it came out nice... I almost freaked out thinking that I couldn't finish it!


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