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Thread: Utah anyone?

  1. So excited for all these Utah digi scrappers!!
    Welcome Amythyst & Reese!!
    You're in fun company! Can't wait to have you jump right in!
    Just take it..."One Memory At A Time"
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    Southern Utah Scrappers?

    I'm down here in southern utah. I want to start digital scrapping but I'm not sure where to start. There are so many things to learn! I wish there was a class i could go to down here. Which program is easiest to use with all the different templates and things you can download? And once you get them done, what's a good way to print them if you don't have a 12x12 printer but want to print them 12x12?

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    Hi there!

    Digital is so much fun! I think you'll be addicted in no time!

    I have to say, having used PSE and PS, that I think a good place to start is Photoshop Elements. We actually have classes here online to teach you! You can check them out HERE

    There are also tutorials and things that can be found can see that the first section is "getting started."

    Also, with regards to printing, there are many places online that you can have them printed, including our printing services HERE.

    Don't be afraid to ask any question, big or small, in the forum! There's always someone around who's happy to try and answer it for you!

    It's wonderful to have you here, and I'm looking forward to seeing your pages in the gallery!

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    Welcome, susblog! If you're really unsure how to start there are a few commercial digiscrapping programs--which are easy to use and come with supplies--that would get you started. Once you get a program (whether it's a scrapping program or something such as Elements), then just jump right in and try doing a layout for one of the challenges. It's easy to use a template like the desktop templates that are given away, or a Quick Page which only requires adding a picture or two.

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    Spanish Fork, Utah
    Check with OneMemory, she is in southern Utah and has tutored many people on Photoshop.

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    Thanks everyone! You all replied so fast! and now I have a few good places to start! I'll let you know how it goes!

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    I don't live in Utah, at least not anymore. I lived there for 3 years while I was going to school. I only got into digiscraping last Feb. I've bee surprised at how many people I know is into to it, that I had no clue they were before. Digiscraping is catching on.
    It was fun reading your thread.

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    I am a Utah girl! I live south of Provo! I have just found this thread. I have been with GDS for years and I have been digiscrapping for 12 yrs. I started when my oldest was a baby because it was cleaner and I could do it while holding her!
    In the past couple years I have learned a lot! I love digiscrapping. I am sad because I am on a desk top computer because my laptop became unreliable. I would love to get together and do a digiscrap party. As soon as I get a laptop.

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    I am so excited to see that there are digi scrappers out there in Utah. I am from Salt Lake living in Southern Utah for the present time. I have been doing things digitally for some time now. I think it is the best and takes up much less space.
    Let's keep it together!

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    We're getting quite a few Utah digi scrappers now. I don't often see any in the real world. :)

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