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Thread: Utah anyone?

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    I'm not even from the United States, but I have to say that the fact you can digi scrap anywhere is awesome, and I, too, hang with my cyber buddies. I llive in a very small town, and I really think I'm the only digi scrapper here!!!


  2. I'm in Utah and I'm just getting into digiscrapping! I'm just north of SLC.

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    Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States
    Hey, I'm just north of SLC too! I think this is catching on in Utah!

  4. I'm from Utah and have been digi scrapping for about five years now. I did paper scrapping for a while but find I get more done now that I've gone digital. A couple of years ago I introduced a workmate (who formerly worked in a scrapbook store) to digi scrapping. She loves it, especially since she's become a new mother. So much more convenient and less messy.

    From other digi forums I belong to I've found there are actually quite a few of us in Utah. Maybe they just haven't found this site yet. I know I just discovered it.

    BTW, I'm in Salt Lake.
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  5. I'm in Utah

    Hi everyone,
    I'm in Utah. I have been digiscrapping for about 7ish months. I love it! I found out about this forum fromt the Amazing Digiscrapbook Race at, are any of you doing the race?
    Well anyways, if you guys are looking for more Utah digiscrappers, there is a forum/website that is pretty much all gals and a couple of guys from Utah! The site is it is run by a lady named April. She is a designer who sells cd's with a ton of stuff on them. She teaches free classes almost every month.. I think at the Larry H Miller thing that was mentioned earlier... Anyways.. she is great, the site is great, and it's mostly Utah people!
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    I am in Springville. My daughter in Idaho got me started in digi scrapping last November. It is addicting.

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    Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States
    Wow, we're getting quite a group here! I'm just north of SLC too!

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    Hi, I'm in Utah, too.

    I'm new to GDS, but have been digi scrapping for awhile. It's so much more fun than paper. I live in Northern Utah.

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    More Utah Scrapers

    Hi there!
    This is my first response to ever. But i wanted you all to know that there are many of us down in Southern Utah that have just started digi scrapping. We all work togther had love it. We are spreading the word and everyone we show are pages to falls in love with the whole idea. Don't feel alone goldscraps we are here with you

  10. Let's get this thread moving, there are a few of us. I am loving digi scrap, so much freedom and less mess so I can scrap more often. I am in SLC and I also help put on a fundraising crop every year and this year it is my goal to get more digi scrapers there and be digi friendly. We have only had about 5 at the most.


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