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Thread: Utah anyone?

  1. Spoof-I've lived in St George most of my life...when were you here & what part did you live in?

    I'm putting together a little digi-crop in September if you want to take a little vaca and scrap with us down here!!! We'd love it!! I even have a free house you can stay at...and I'd buy you lunch...and (what else can I entice you with?)LOL
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  2. I know your original question is kind of old, but now that there are new responses again I just saw it. :) And yes, I am in Utah! I live in North Ogden. I agree that not a lot of people are into this yet around here...I am so obsessed with it though that I think I am starting to spark an interest in my friends. They are getting jealous at how fast I can get my pages done!

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    Alisha, that sounds like tons of fun!!

    We officially now have a HANDFUL of Utah scrappers! Woohoo!

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    I lived in Hurricane from 1982-2000, Washington and Santa Clara 2000-2001, Cedar City 2001-2002, then moved up to Salt Lake and have been here since.

    When is the digi-crop in September? My parents still live down there so we visit quite often. That would be fun to come. I'm coming down the weekend of Sept. 20 because I'm doing the triathlon that weekend. Sounds like fun!!! What part do you live in?

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    Spanish Fork, UT
    Me, too! I am in Spanish Fork. All of my scrapping friends are annoyed that I hide behind my laptop at our crops now, but I am slowly converting them one at a time.... (insert witches cackle). Us Utah girls ought to get together and stare at our laptops together. :)

    P.S. Although I have lived in Utah for 14 years now, I grew up in Tualatin, Oregon! So, I'm a mixed breed. LOL.
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    We should all get together. I have been trying to think of an inexpensive place we could all meet that has plenty of plugs for our computers. It needs to be indoors. It seems like most everyone is in Salt Lake or south. I'm up north by Hill AFB. Any suggestions?

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    I am from Utah also. It's wonderful to see so many scrappers from Utah. I am up north from SLC. Been doing digi scrapping for a couple of years now.. been dabbling with some element creation and such.

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    WELCOME Amythyst! So glad to know you!

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    Spanish Fork, Utah
    I am also in Spanish Fork, but I'm from St. George. I will definitely be going down to St. George in September for the digi-crop!

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    Woohoo!! Another one!! Welcome!

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