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    2 New Designers join us! Meet Val!

    We have a double dose of great news for you because we have yet another designer joining us today!

    Meet Val of geniaBeana Scraps

    Here more about Val:

    "I'm Valerie, but most everyone calls me Val. I live in Central Texas with my husband of 11 years and my 2 kiddos. We have a Calico Cat and have recently acquired a couple of African Dwarf Frogs. In addition to digital scrapbooking I like to cook, sew, and do other various needle and fiber arts. I used to read but haven't found time since having children. I started scrapbooking when my son was about 4 months old, but by the time he was 9 months old and starting to get into everythign it became too much to pull it out and put it away to work on it. So I stopped. When my Daughter was a few months old I gave digital scrapbooking a try and I haven't looked back. One day, not too long ago, a designer friend encouraged me to get into design. And here I am. I'm very excited to join the design team at GDS."

    Please join us in welcoming Val and take a look around her store! You get to celebrate her opening by enjoying a 35% off sale thru September 7th!

    You'll be seeing lots from her in the coming weeks because she's been quietly planning her grand opening and helping us with the upcoming Birthday Bash and other stuff And you just might see a collab with Kimi!!

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    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Thanks Holly for the intro! I'm so excited to be here. I look forward to getting to know everyone!
    Snag me ---->

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    Hi Val and welcome to GDS as a designer. Love your preview kits. Look forward to seeing your kits in the shoppe.
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    Hi Val, and welcome aboard! We love our designers here!

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    Hey neighbor!! Glad you opened up a store here. How exciting. I'll be seeing you!!

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    YAYYYY Val! We're finally here for real!! *happy-dance*

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimisKreations View Post
    YAYYYY Val! We're finally here for real!! *happy-dance*
    hehe, us too!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Yeah, Val! So glad you are here!!! I'm sure everyone here will love you as much as I do!

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    Welcome to GDS Val! I love the kits in the shop so far and can't wait to see more. I love the layouts I've seen in the gallery too. I agree with Dona, we love the designers at GDS. Glad to have you here!

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    Big Welcome Val!! We are so excited to have you joining our Designer Team here at GDS!

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