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Thread: August 26 Scrap N Chat!

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    Grabbing some iced right back

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    Oh.bummer,I missed this one.Had to take dh to the VA this morning 80 miles away and didn't get back in time.I'll check the gallery and see what great layouts everyone did.

    Dancing puts a smile in your feet.

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    Here is the link to my layout for this challenge:

    1) OMAAT's Simple Pop action.
    2) Alpha letters.
    3) Shiny neon orange style on some journaling letters.
    4) Frame.
    5) Template.
    6) Cluster.
    7) Rose-peach-plum families.
    8) Photo corners.
    9) Whimsical tree element.
    10) Live bird and flowers (organic elements).
    11) Photo effect (changed photo to black and white with a tinge of sepia.) The photo is much brighter because of the action used on it.
    12) Journaling.
    13) Tear on frame.
    14) Word art.
    15) Flowers.
    16) Greenery
    17) Tags in cluster.
    18) Ribbon wrap and ribbon behind cluster.
    19) Extracted elements (flowers).
    20) Date stamps.


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    My layout: Sun & Rain

    Basic papers & elements from Dancing Princess' Bliss and More Bliss kits; many items recolored & altered. I used all 20 prompts:
    Action - Kent's Sketch & Charcoal Smudge on the framed pic (This is hard to see on the preview in the gallery, but it's really a great action, tho quite complicated. It's available here.)
    Alpha - "dance" beads on the string from Dancing Princess' Dance in the Rain
    Shiny/plastic - the peachy flairs I fixed onto the string in the cluster
    Frame - Dancing Princess freebie
    Template/Inspiration from Sexy_Eyes Forever Love1 LO
    Cluster - flowers, etc.
    Rose/peach/plum color scheme
    Photocorners - DD from Mitia
    Whimsical element - Butterfly from GDS collab kit, Aug 09
    Organic element - greenery & flowers in the cluster
    Photo effect - blended into background
    Paper fold - on journaling paper
    Wordart - from DancingPrincess' Dance in the Rain II kit
    Flowers - in the cluster
    Greenery - in the cluster
    Tags - in the cluster
    Ribbon - in the cluster
    Extracted elements - my own pink hibiscus in the cluster
    Date element - DancingPrincess' Mark It DateStamp in the cluster

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    Here is my layout:

    1. Date Element
    2. Plastic (in the date element)
    3. Frame
    4. Photo corners (in frame)
    5. Template (double template by Midnight Scrapping)
    6. Cluster
    7. Peach/Plum (papers & some elements)
    8. Whimsical elements (duh)
    9. Organic elements (flowers and leaves in the cluster)
    10. Paper tear on the photo mats
    11. Word Art
    12. Flowers
    13. Greenery
    14. Alpha from the kit
    15. Extracted elements (the leaves & flowers in the cluster)

    Phew! Thanks a lot, Jenn, this was a lot of fun!

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    WHEW...finished!! This was a lot of work but soooo much fun! Thanks again for hosting, Jenn!!

    1.action=b&w photo
    2.alphas= Dylabel designs for sbd So Wonderful
    3.shiny/plastic=sbd So Wonderful circle frames
    4.frame=aug collab digital anemona
    5.templates/scraplift=andrea gold #619
    6.clusters=dpd Bright Spot-recolored ribbon
    7.rose/peach/plum or color combo corner=dpd Princess Samantha
    9.whimsical elements=swirls=aug collab-digital anemona (recolored) and sbd, flowers=carena elements=aug collab-maria=grass, bird=he Momís Garden Addon 2 effect=color fade with colorful center to highlight butterfly face paint
    13.paper fold/paper tear=laitha paper aug collab
    14.word art=aug collab JAB dpd Bright Spot-cluster-recolored ribbon
    16.greenery= dpd Bright Spot-cluster-recolored ribbon
    17.tags-aug collab=md
    18.ribbon/wraps=he Momís Garden Addon3
    19.extracted elements/realistic elements=pink watering can=he Mom's Garden Addon3 element=tricia curtis-Sweet Beginnings bday slider
    **Papers=laitha and hollyann, aug collab

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    wow is right, That baby took awhile!!
    Splash Baby

  8. I was really hoping to get my LO done, but unfortunately my day has been a little crazy & I wasn't able to finish it. Thanks for the fun challenge though!

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    Wow sounds like it was a fun chat! Love the layouts created....fabulous!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    The lo's are amazing. So sorry I had to miss this chat.

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