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    Cost of owning a pet

    I just had to take my dog to the ER. She hasn't been eating and was showing signs of pain. Well $315.00 later the vet thinks she just pulled something or twisted her spine. I'm glad that's all it was but I need to watch her today and if no better take her to our regular vet. Sure wish I could claimed her as a dependent on my taxes.

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    I love my Buster pup dearly, but oh, my goodness, you are so right.... they should be considered dependants!!! They cost a small fortune!!!


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    Germantown, MD
    I know the high costs of pets.
    They do have animal insurance now.
    You could look into that.

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    When i was growing up, nobody had pets in Singapore, most families could hardly feed their children, and they had so many in those days!!

    In the last ten years, because of our fantastic growing economy, we're seeing pets everywhere! But my moms' generation still complains that why not have more children instead of a pet? because in Singapore nowdays, most of us have only two children, citing the high cost of raising them!!

    Interesting how things change for every generation in such a short time, isn't it?

    Me, well, we don't have pets save for a fish tank, guess not growing up with pets means we don't know what it's like, nor miss having one, but the boys are definitely asking!!

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    :) things sure do change dont they yin. well in my case I have my cats in lue of kids. I just havent had any luck carrying full term. they are definitly good practice in chiled rearing though. mine act just like toddlers. :) they can be expensive but not so much as a baby. mine love me soo much and are wonderfull source of effection. I think in the end they are worth it. As for animal insurence, they dont usually tend to get sick enough to be worth the cost.

  6. Pets are great... we've always had them in our family... along with the hair and the mess and the fleas and the high cost of maintaining and feeding them... Just like all the rest of the family take the good with the bad I guess.

    When we lost our black lab at 12 and our cat of 10 both within 6 months of eachother back in '03, our family was heart broken. It's taken a while to even entertain the thought of another dog although my 18 year old has since gotten a chihauhau and we've gotten 2 cats. I am only now starting to really want to get another Lab.. My "Toby" was the best guy in the world :)

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    That's so sad, Debra!!! I will be heart broken if anything ever happens to Buster, even if he's a little stinker sometimes!!! Justin loves him like a brother!!!


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    Sep 2006
    Germantown, MD
    We had a black lab mix who we had to put to sleep, when he was 10.
    The whole family just cried forever. He had a growth on his liver, and we couldn't afford the surgery to save him. Those were really tough days.
    But anyway... what I wanted to say is that he was such a big sweetie!

    Health insurance for pets isn't that expensive from what I understand. But it is an extra burden if you can't afford it.

  9. I agree pets have aways been a part of our family growing up. I had a poodle for 15 years until she died at home on Christmas Eve morning. I do miss her.

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