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    Here is my layout. That was fun, Jenn...thanks so much for hosting!!
    I have to go and watch the DVR'd end of the Steelers game.
    I will be back to leave love later on. Great to see everyone!!

  2. Here is my layout. I hope I will become faster at making pages so I can chat next time...

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    Wow, I just barely made it! Thanks, Jenn, for an awesome speed scrap!


    Proudly CT for:

  4. Oooh, they all look AMAZIN! No worries...I'm not too sticky on the deadlines :-) As long as they're posted in the next while or so....

    I'm heading to bed though...hubby's feeling seriously neglected, poor boy, and my hands are starting to cramp, LOL.

    Thanks for coming, everyone! You made it a Fast, Furious, but mostly FUN SS!
    I'll send out PB's in the next day or so, and announce the gift certificate winner!

    See you next time!

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    Here is mine
    (still adding my credits)

  6. Sorry mine is late...program shut down on me and I had to start over I'm just glad I finished...

    Thanks for hosting tonight Jenn. I love your SS!!

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    Day late and a dollar short, but at last it's finished - and I'm even happy with the final results, especially for a rush job.

    I counted the swirls on the back paper, then added the buttons to even out the pictures, the glittery guitar sticker, and the metal safety pin as the elements from the list. The journalling (list) is the set list from the concert.

    Thanks for hosting another great SS Jenn!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by j_camargo6 View Post
    Thank you to those of you who've sent applications for the CT position!
    I hope you got my message about making a decision on the 24th.
    Just catching up on the messages at the beginning of this thread. Two reasons to look forward to the 24th now - I'm going to a Def Leppard/Poison concert that night and will also be excited to see who you choose.

    BTW, good luck to everyone who applied

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    Dang.... I forgot all about it! Shoot....

    When is the next one?
    Simply Sarah
    Visit my plain ol' blog

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    Well, I didn't get to participate in the SS last night - we took our 9yr old granddaughter to the circus for her birthday. But I did the scrap today just for the fun of it and wanted to show you what I came up with.

    Missed the fun last night, but still enjoyed following the directions today. I think there should be a new category - "Speed Scrap after the Fact"!

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