Hey Everybody!
I was just thinking it would be cool if we could share some quick and easy scrapping organization tips here because...

I was looking for a layout I had made and I couldn't easily find it since I didn't name my files the way I usually do, which is to have the year and month, then maybe a description of the page or event

for example, for a holiday photo last year, my file name would be
2008Dec_holiday or 2008Dec_treetrimming

This way, I can find my .jpgs and my original .psd files in case I am going to print or change something. I organize my photos by date, and this naming method helps me to find photos from that time frame too -- since I also dont print photos right away

And, I save both the .jpg (8x8") and the .psd file
After a few months, I will "archive" my .psd files, move them to my EHD and then make a backup disc. (i keep the full size .jpg's on my computer though) I have always had this fear of losing things, especially my photos or a page I worked really hard on in the first place

So, do you have any tips to share that help you organize your supplies or how you backup data? What works for you -- I am always looking for ways to improve my process