This is more a site request than a designer request...but I really WISH there was an easier way to see what the current Monthly Challenges are.

I was sitting here wanting to scrap something, but not having any motivation and thought I'll do a challenge. Unfortunately it is kind of difficult to find what challenges are for the current month.

When you go to the Challenge section of the forum you can't just click on challenges that have their last post during the current month, because some times those are from the previous months challnge.

If you go to the calander there is so much on there that it is hard to find what challenges are happening that month. Plus once you click on the challenge it doesn't take you to the forum thread with the specifics for that challenge. So you have to go the calander write down what challenges you see then go back to the challenge section in the forum and find that thread.

Sometimes the challenges are listed in the newsletter. I just wish there was an easier way to view the current challnges on the website.