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Thread: Whew It's Over Sale!! Come See....

  1. Whew It's Over Sale!! Come See....

    Thank Goodness the Move is Over! For all the patience shown and trials and tribulations we all endured.. here's a very special sale in honor of our Survival - What a Weekend Last Weekend Was!

    Happy Shopping Everyone
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    Any excuse for shopping... I love a sale!!!


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    I was SO EXCITED to see this sale tonight!!! Thank You GDS!!!

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    Sep 2006
    Germantown, MD
    Woo Hooo!
    I need to spend me some money!

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    Wow, this is great. Boy I'm sure glad my DH doesn't mess with the computer. He would have a fit especially with all the traditional scrapbook stuff I have. Ah, what he don't know won't hurt him! Thanks for a great way to get what I want for a great price. This place is awesome!

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    All I have to say is ....

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    rofl Melanie - love that cartoon!!!!

    And, of course - fantastic sale!!

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    Yippee!!! A sale= a good excuse to go shopping!!!!

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    great sale now I can pick up some of the dailies I missed.

  10. A sale - a sale - a sale - off I go to the sale.

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