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Thread: July commenting contest winners!

  1. July commenting contest winners!

    They did it again! Between these THREE LADIES posted the most comments our gallery during July! I'm sure lots of you received love from these ladies!

    So let's hear you congratulate these ladies:

    Anna (aka AGARZALDYNRD)
    Cathy (aka britnkaysmemaw2)
    Terri (aka tbcarter2002)

    I'll be sending you a PM to get our August collab kit "My Whimsical World"! Thanks so much for all the love you show the community!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Thanks bunches. Love to comment, for sure.

    Congrats to Anna & Terri too.

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    YAAAYY!!! I love it!! Congrats to Teri and Cathy as well!!

  4. WTG ladies!!

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    woohooooooooooooooooo! Congratulations ladies!!!!

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    Thank you so much! Congrats to Anna & Cathy too. I really did not expect to be one of the winners this month. I had my granddaughter (1 year old) for a whole week and hardly got on the computer at all. When I finally got back on, there were over 500 new entries to the gallery and I didn't even try to catch up. I DO love looking at all the great layouts posted in the gallery though. There certainly is a lot of talent here.

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    Congratulations ladies! You make everyone feel so great!

  8. Congrats ladies and thanks for being such an awesome part of the GDS community!

  9. Congratulations Ladies!! Thank you for all of your hard work commenting on our layouts! It sure means alot to us!

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    Congrads ladies!! Don't know how you do it...I just have that much time in a day. LOL Pretty soon we will start school again and I will have even less time to spend on the computer. Both my girls have a curriculum on the computer this year, so that will take priority. :)
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