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Thread: Quick Page Exchange - Rebecca'a Pretty Katie

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    Quick Page Exchange - Rebecca'a Pretty Katie

    Well the first quickpage exchange we had was a huge hit and all the participants received 18 Quick Pages just for creating 1...yes 1. Here's another chance for you to get an album full of quick pages

    This exchange will be using Rebecca's Pretty Katie kit.

    Each participant will submit 1 quick page layout using this kit only. At the end of this exchange, all participants will receive all submitted quick pages including this special one created by Rebecca.

    • Layouts should be created and saved at 12" x 12" and 300ppi.
    • If you are familiar with creating a quick page in a transparent .png file, please submit it in that format.
    • If you are not, please design your quick page by creating your layout and using a white or black area (whichever is of most contrast to your layout) for the photo placements. Save your layout as a flattened .jpg file at full resolution (unless you are submitting a png file already) . I will take what you submit and punch out the areas for photos and convert them to transparent .png files before sending them all back to the participants.
    • Save a preview of your quick page at 600x600 and upload it to the Quick Page Exchange Gallery for all the oooohs and ahhhs!
    • Please name your files as follows to help me track these easier.
      YourForumName_KitName_QP.jpg so as an example, mine would be Hollys_PrettyKatie_QP.jpg
    • Email your quick page files to or upload them to a file sharing site of your choice. I will need the preview .jpg, and either the .png or .jpg file at the full 12x12 size.
    • Sign-ups are required for this so that we know who is working on pages.
    • I will keep this post updated to reflect participants and whether files have been received
    • The submission deadline for this round is Friday, March 30th.

    • Rebecca (1)
    • Twirlyjoy (1)
    • Dragonflyscrapper76 (6)
    • Jburkhart (2)
    • Doro (2)
    • Helen (2)
    • PA Grandma (1)
    • Lelafleet (1)
    • okblues (1)
    • FLCindy (1)
    • scrappinali (1)
    • griest (2)
    • ckbymommy (1)
    • goldscraps (2)
    • Lainey (2)
    • crayonqueen (1)
    • Leslie Emery (1)
    • my2suns (2)
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    ooooh am so excited - I LOVE this kit!!!! I'm in !!

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    I had a blast on the last one, and such great quick pages, that I just have to do this one too, but hopefully I will get more than 1 done, since life has slowed down quite a bit.

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    I am in....Rebecca's kit is gorgeous! :)

  5. Count me in, too. Last one was so much fun and I learned a kot. I guess I better start buying, huh? By the way this is a dreamy kit also.

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    I would go through also gladly.....

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    Dec 2006
    Woodstock, Illinois, USA
    Count me in. I just bought the kit and am downloading it now. Can't wait. I love the spring colors in this kit.

  8. I am going to join in the fun.

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    Dec 2006
    Pikes Peak Region, Colorado
    I picked up the kit and hope to get one done!

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    I have two done so far, but plan to do a couple more, I am way ahead of schedule this week, so here are the first two, Holly I will e-mail them to you later on...

    Hope you all like them, as much as I do, this is such a great kit to work with too.

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