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Thread: Pse 7

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    Pse 7

    Good news----I got my computer back and I found the carousel kit. Now the bad.
    My PSE7 is giving me fits. When I try to put a picture in the "project bin" it shows up on the area right above it. Usually right on top of what I'm working on. What am I doing wrong?
    Also will someone please explain what a tagger is in comparison to a regular SB page?

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    When you open up a picture, etc. it opens up into the work area. If you click on the minus sign on the picture you opened it should reduce down into the project bin.

    Not sure exactly what a tagger is but someone said it's smaller than an 8x8 page.

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    I'm also having trouble with photos in the project bin opening up on top of each other when I try to bring them up to workd on them in PSE 7. Any suggestions?

  4. Most photos will open in their own size in your workspace, then you can use the little _ button to put them in the bin and get them out of your way. OR you can use Ctrl - or Ctrl + to make their view bigger or smaller and then move them aside. Does that fix your problem?
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    My problem is that sometimes one photo I'm trying to bring out of the bin opens up small on top of another photo from the bin which opens up large. I don't know how I'm picking up the larger photo, but I'm sure it's something I'm doing wrong. Sometimes I see a blue box around the photo in the bin that I don't want, but can't get rid of the blue box.

  6. If it's not just the Ctrl - or Ctrl + problem, it sounds like a possible RAM issue. Have you checked your scratch disk size in PSE or upgraded your computer lately? (like last 2 years?)
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    When I'm ready for a photo, or for that matter, any element or paper that I want to add to my already started layout, I "PLACE" it on the layout. On pse 6 and 7, opening more than one thing did exactly what you are saying. I have learned to place all items instead of opening.

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