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    Question New to everything -How to get back here

    I am new to computers, scrapbooking, PSP8, forums etc. Just learned email.
    Just wanting to say hi and learn something new. Will someone please email me and tell me how to get back to a thread I have posted so If I ask a question, I can find the answer. There seems to be alot of information here so don't want to have to sift through all of it to find my question.
    I hope I am in the right place to do this. If not, please tell me that too.

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    Dec 2006
    Pikes Peak Region, Colorado
    I sent this to your email address, too.....

    Hello and welcome to GDS! I am so excited that you found us.

    When you start or add a reply to a thread in our forum, it automatically "subscribes" you to that thread. What that means is the forum will notify you of any new comments on that thread since the last time you read it.

    To see the notification, just log into the forum and click on "User CP" next to where it says "Welcome, gammalouie". When your CP comes up will show your subscribed threads with new posts.

    If there is a special thread that you want to make sure you don't miss any posts in, you can even add an instant email notification for yourself. To do that, just click "View all Subscribed Threads" below your subscriptions. Now place a checkmark next to the thread you want, and scroll down until you see a drop down list that says "move to folder..." Click the drop down and choose "Instant email notification"

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    Thankyou for replying so fast. I couldn't believe it. I am trying to print out your reply so I can follow it nexttime.
    I hope you get this because I really appreciate your help.
    I think if I can figure it out, I will enter for the posting points for free downloads. I'll probably win first prize for the most dumb questions. I feel like a little kid, so excited to learn something new but everything is way over my head.

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    Dec 2006
    Pikes Peak Region, Colorado
    Well, hun, I am more than happy to help - please don't ever feel that your questions are dumb - we all learned how to do this stuff some where along the line (and, by the way, I still learn new things all the time!)

    Besides, didn't you know that learning new things keeps your mind sharp and helps you stay young!!

    Anyway, please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with - plus there are tons of other helpful people here to get to know

    PS: Hey, guess what I just figured out ..... when you are typing a new forum comment, you can scroll down below those blinkies and choose right away if you want instant email notification!!

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    Welcome to the site - there is a lot to do here - with real friendly members and admin staff.

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    thankyou for your welcome message

    I appreciate the kindness of all you scrappers. I find all this very confusing. i reply to messages that I get notification of because I haven't figured out how to find my original question so I can't read the answers. i fyou have replied and not gotten an answer, I'm sorry. I will get it. be patient with me.
    I don't get a lot of computer time so it is a slow learning curve.

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