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Thread: How about Maine (or New England even?)

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    How about Maine (or New England even?)

    I'm in South Portland ME, didnt' see us represented here, thought I would put a shout out there! (sorry if there was one and I missed it!)
    Nancy in Maine

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    Dec 2007
    Belleville, Illinois
    Not there now, but would love to move back to there. We lived in Kittery, Me & Portsmouth NH for 6 years while in the USAF. It is a beautiful place to live and oh what fun to visit.

  3. I have a dear friend and we met in college. I married into military and she just travelled and throughout the years we both lived on the west coast at the same time, then in Colorado at the same time and now we're both back in Ohio. She just called me today, upset with some new developments at work, and asked where we're moving to next - LOL. I did, of course, mention Maine (show me the lumberjacks!)


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    Feb 2007
    OH, USA
    I am not from ME, but grew up in MA near the NH border
    I have spent much time in ME, NH, and MA too, especially once I got a car and could drive myself or friends to the beach! Oh, the memories.

    In fact, I am going "home" Thursday and will be taking dd to the NE beaches. I am so happy.

    Nubble Light is my all time favorite lighthouse, maybe because of the drive along Short and Long Sands and 1A

    Kittery, seriously! Portsmouth was where you would find me weekends 20 years ago! Molly Malone's and Portsmouth Brewery -- How about Moe's!

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    I used to live in York Harbor (just for a year in 1981-82!) and so I'm familiar with those places! Nubble is a great light, but having grown up a 1/2 mile from Portland Head, that is my favorite. Used to love the beach in York though, great for walking and riding a bike!

    If I could sit longer than a few miles in a car, I would ride down to meet you, I'm only up the 'pike in South Portland!
    Nancy in Maine

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    i'm in new england too--western ma. i've lived in eastern mass, maine (augusta/waterville) and new hampshire (northern and southern), so i'm a new england gal.
    visit my blog:
    CC always welcome!

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