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    Mar 2009
    Qualicum Beach BC, Canada

    For Shame.. I had to buy elsewhere...

    I search all over this site for some things that go with my son's hobby/interests - fishing and hunting - and found nothing I could use. I had to purchase at another website and even then the contents were a bit of a disappointment (would have attempted making myself but time is tight now - I leave next week for Canada). Could one of you ubber talented designers come up with back woods, camping, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, river rafting, extreme sports, trail biking, cross country biking, skiing, etc etc.. stuff? Don't make me do it myself! LOL
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    Jan 2007
    I would love stuff like that too. My husband, in-laws, and my family are totally into that stuff too.

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    That's too bad you couldn't find it here. On another site I've seen a suggestions thread where the scrappers post requests and suggestions for things they'd like in a kit. I know that the designers there pay attention. I wonder if we could get such a thread started here. I think it would be invaluable to the designers to know just what you are looking for at any given time.
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    yup this is a great idea, and GDS has an area for requests for designers
    you're in it!

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    lol. I didn't even notice. I guess I should do more than just look at new posts ;) and pay attention to where the post is.
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