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  1. when do we get challenge bonuses?

    Last month I took part in many of the challenges. It was my first time as I'm new. For a few I have got the promised bonuses but also quite a few not yet, half-way through the next month. When do they usually come in?

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    Each host sends out the bonuses for their individual challenge(s), so the distribution varies. Mid-month seems like a fair amount of time, but real life sometimes gets in the way :) I can help you out if you participated in and didn't receive one for the sketch challenge or desktop challenge. Otherwise, you might PM the challenge host and say pretty please

    ETA: also double check to make sure you posted a link to your layout in the challenge forum and not just in the gallery

  3. THanks for the tip. I got the template challenge ones and didn't do the desktop, but several others, some of which I received and some not. I'm pretty sure I've posted them all in the same way, but I will check...

  4. We're terribly sorry abou this.

    Can you please send me a PM with which challenges you did that you haven't received a bonus for? Thanks!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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