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Thread: Photowalk July 18th

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    Photowalk July 18th

    Anyone else doing the Scott Kelby Photowalk on Saturday July 18th? 29,000 people are signed up with walks in a bunch of different cities.

    Looks like a great opportunity to meet up with other avid photographers and an interesting new type of event to scrapbook. The walks are limited to 50 people signing up, but last year a lot more people showed up and walked the same route.

    Anybody else going to do it?

    What city?

    I'm signed up for two photowalks. Boulder city Nevada historical district from 8am to 10am and then Laughlin Nevada photowalk from 7pm to 9pm (sunset along the river).
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    Sounds like a great thing to do! I hadn't heard of it before, and can't go this weekend, but I'll have to remember it for next year. Thanks for the mention and link!

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    They just announced a bonus participation prize. Everyone who is signs up for a walk gets a month of free training at Kelby Training.

    The video classes on photoshop and photography are well worth signing up for a two hour walk.

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    Wow! What an amazing participation prize!!! I'm signed up from 8 am - 10am. It is pretty early for a Saturday morning, but it will be great to connect with other photographers. I hope to learn a lot just by watching them and seeing their perspective on photography, objects, scenery, etc.

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    I signed up my whole family for this walk, sounds like a great time

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    The photowalk was a great experience, I hope to be able to do it again next year or anytime they do it again.

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