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    Thanks Holly, this was really fun!

    This is mine!

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    Yes, this was a lot of fun! Thanks a lot. Now I just need to finish saving and uploading.

  3. Here's draft 1 of the layout, anyway!

  4. Here's draft 1 of the layout, anyway!

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    Here is the link to my layout for the speed scrap:

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    Here's the results of this lovely speed scrap:

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    Western, PA
    Here's mine...

    Thanks Holly, it was a great time, I'm glad to get back into the swing of things!
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    OK, had a typo and had to edit, lol. Here is my lo We are Friends

    Great speed scrap Holly. I had bookmarked a lo similar to this when I saw it in the gallery. Great minds, huh? LOL
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    This was really fun. Can't wait to browse thru the gallery and see how everyone interpreted the directions. I know I'll be trying it again in the future.

    Here's my LO: Friends No Matter Where

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