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  1. Photosop Elements Version Question

    I have access to a free Photoshop Elements Version 5. Does anyone know what the difference is between Version 5 and Version 7? Would it be worth the free version 5 or should I buy the newer Version 7?


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    I started with version 6 and then went to 7 and I did not notice a great big difference. I'm not sure about 5 but I think with each version they add additional tools/techniques you can use.

  3. Thanks so much Anna!

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    I believe that it was after Version 5 that they changed a lot of the features in PSE. Like the addition of the Magic Extractor. I have PSE 7 and love it, and am still learning new things every day.

  5. I started with 4 but used 5 until 7 came out. I LOVE 5. I think you could be very happy with it. One of the "improvements" they made in 6 and 7 that I don't like at all is that dragging up from the photo bin to your layout creates a "Smart Object." I know that it has it's purpose but I still don't care for it. In 5, you could drag up from the photo bin and it put the name of the file in the layers palette automatically. I miss that a lot. I believe that 5 has the Magic Extractor too.

  6. I started out with 6 and then got the upgrade to 7, not the full version, just the additional stuff. But when I downloaded it they are two speparate programs. Is there a way to make them into one? Did I download 7 incorrectly? Since all of my additional brushes are in 6 I never use 7. Help what should I do?

  7. Photoshop Elements "upgrades" are always stand alone programs. You don't get just the new stuff, you get a full program. To use your purchased brushes and such, you will have to load them into version 7.

  8. Bummer, but thanks for the info.

  9. Brushes are very easy to load.

  10. You're right about that I just need to take the time to do it. = )

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