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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Darla View Post
    I just downloaded the 30 day free trial of Paintshop Pro. I'm eager to get to know this program. Currently I have FxFoto but it doesn't allow for layers, etc, so I'm on to new and better things!
    Hi Darla!

    Nice to meet you and Congrats on going to layers!! You're so gonna love the freedom and control you'll have!

    If you get stuck, just holler..

  2. Can you use DIP9 while doing these LO's? I am really wanting to learn what you all are doing, but I don't have the suggested programs.


  3. I don't use it but I sure have heard of others using it so I don't see why not... remember too that there are 30 free trials so you can try out the programs before purchasing :)

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    Debra my "poor signature" is *very serious*!! Honestly it is!! I suppose I badly need to use PSPX before I try to do anything in digi-scrapping, huh??! DUHHHHHH ME! LOL!

    I have THE Most Precious Grandson. He will be 2 in October and he's a Mess!! I *thought* I was going to have a 2nd one in Nov. of this year but at 12 weeks, *right before* dealing with my first Mother's Day since my Mama passed, she miscarried with my 2nd Grandbaby. Then my husband left me alone, home sobbing about Mama and the baby to go take his Mother out to eat. During ALL year he cannot stand her but it was as if he "rubbed it in" to me this past year. Oh, I had been invited to go, and was getting ready but he wanted to argue, so we talked a little and in conversation, he did end up telling me that "there were no changes in how he felt from last September" which means absolutely nothing to you unless I describe. Last Sept, he told me (after 11 years of marriage) that "He no longer loved me, was no longer IN Love with me, our marriage had NO future and our marriage was over". Well, honest to God, I was in total shock. I COULD NOT believe what I had just heard. After he told me that, the next day, when I could breathe again, I asked him why and he told me "your health", which was BS and I knew it. So, we talked, after I saw an attorney and he said that he was willing to TRY a little longer to see if things changed. I wanted this marriage to last AT ALL COSTS. (THAT Is my stupid "positive attitude" showing again) Well, 7 months and 10 days later, he told me that his feelings were the same as BEFORE the 7 months and 10 days. I *should* have asked at the MONTHLY MARK but I was in counseling, then WE were in counseling, etc.

    I don't know WHY I've just shared this with you all ~ I suppose I feel all comfy here. So, I see my Attorney again next week and - well - I suppose with me and him living right here together, we are going to go through all this. The thing I hate THE MOST is that for 2 years my Birthday and Christmas Gifts from my Mama was work paid to Landscapers to do my yard. The last was paid to be done last Christmas as a gift to the landscaper and Mama passed on December 29 and buried on 1/2/07. I lost my Best Friend; the Love of my Life; THE WOMAN who was THE MOST PATIENT woman on earth; the BEST GRANDMOTHER there EVER WAS; the BEST GREAT GRANDMOTHER THERE EVER WAS; the BEST Wife, most patient wife and MOST OVERLOOKING WIFE (that I called her "stupid" about) but, she was married for 59 years and 2 months until my Daddy passed in 2004. We knew She could make it without him but he could NEVER make it without her.

    But, I'm trying to learn PSPX, I'm grieving for MY relationship, I'm MISSING Mama and Daddy (with Father's Day coming up) HORRIBLY. God, I had the BEST parents there ever were. Wonder why *I* am so screwed up???! Hmph! Who really knows?!

    Do you have a daughter or a son, Debra? IF you have a son - like I do, Bless your heart. I feel for you, even IF she's close to you. LONG time ago, someone told me "A Daughter's A Daughter the rest of her live; a Son's a Son 'till he takes a Wife" and that is SO TRUE. When my Grandson was born 10/11/05, my dil and I had had a disagreement, minor *I* thought, but her hormones led her to have my son tell me that I WAS NOT ALLOWED *AT* the hospital in VA where he was being born, 6 hours from me. THEN my son apologized to me unmercifully ---BUT I taught him that when he married, he was to dedicate his life TOTALLY TO HIS WIFE. I had told him "Don't EVER come to me crying and/or complaining about your wife. Don't EVER put ME between the woman you marry because I will love her too". And he never had. BUT this one day he brought back those memories of his and apologized and I told him again that he is strong enough to handle things. So it hurt me really bad, probably the WORST that she could have EVER do to me but if it would make their lives ok, forget it. (BUT - somehow *I* never have forgotten it!! That really hurt.) I *DO* hope you have a DAUGHTER!!! OR I hope if you have a son, you are very, very, very close to your dil....and when she gets upset about ANYTHING, she doesn't take it out on *YOU*!!!!

    I've found SO MANY PSP Tuts and I've not even tried to do a Quick Page! I *NEED* to get their Wedding Album done, since it's been Oh, well, the baby was born on their 2nd Wedding Anniversary and he will be 2 this October, so it's been almost 4 Years of Marriage for them and they will last forever!! But since I *did* promise her I would do it, I've GOT to get it done. She wants 8.5 x 11 but I've even gotten 8.5 x 11 templates!! Ones that will be great for Weddings!! I've just got to get motivated to do them!! I believe I will do them online, then print them and then add the photos, just because she likes to "feel things" on them!! She LOVES the "bulky scrapbooking" I've done numerous layouts for them - regular paper scrapping.

    Since this is WAY TOO LONG, I'm gonne see if I can close this!!

    I just woke up at 5:30 PM today. I was so bummed out, I literally slept all day but if I stay up all nite I will not do a darned thing tomorrow and I've got LOADS to do from what I didn't do today!! PLEASE, PLEASE, NO SYMPATHY. I DO NOT WANT THAT - AT ALL. Sure, I will take ALL of the PRAYERS that you can possibly muster up for me but NO SYMPATHY FOR ME!! I have a very positive 'tude and I can go into that later. Of course, this time, it bit me in the duff!!


    Quote Originally Posted by Debra View Post
    Joni... your poor poor signature.. I hope it's going better for you! If you have any questions or are stuck on something just holler... we've got some awesome psp'er guru's around here!

    I'm so jealous your a Grandma... I can't wait!

    oh and on the templates.. yep, you sure don't need to use every layer :) so you can make good use of them.

    Also, the quickpages are even easier if you can find a theme that will work. I know we need more "kid" friendly quickpages and look for those coming soon!

    Anyways, great to meet you!

    Edited to add this link to Alice's wonderful Tutorial for using templates with PSP:
    Joni at the NC coast

    New to digi-scrapping but I'm trying! I love digi-shopping but I'm attempting to learn as I go. When I learn PSPX (not sure which of "us" will win!) I should be able to handle things. I'm trying though... I'm trying... I am... trying... I am...

    Me learning PSPX: ---->


  5. Red face Hello Everyone Newbie here

    Hi everyone! I'm in Texas and I've just bought Photoshop Elements 5. I am trying to learn super fast but it's not working! I have done a few things in PSP 7,8, and 9 and then I thought I would see what all the talk was about switching to Photoshop Elements. I think it's going to be cool but right now I'm in a bit over my head. Hope that I can learn lots from ya'll and have some things soon to post of my own! I have been doing paper SBing for at least 10 years but stopped for 6 years because of some things going on in my life! I wish I had not stopped because now it's even harder to get back in the groove! I feel like I've lost the ability I had those years ago! I have a set date to SB with a couple of my friends on Tuesdays but find I get very little accomplished! So I'm going to give digital SB a shot! Maybe that will do the trick for me! I have lots of pictures to put onto pages of either kind! Thanks for allowing me to join your group! And I look forward to learning from all of you!

    Debbie in TX

  6. Glad you found us Debbie!

    Have you tried using Templates or Quick Pages to start out with? You can participate in Alice's Template/Sketch Challenge where you can get a free template to work with and can use the welcome kit you received a link to in your welcome email to us. Here's a tutorial for how to use Templates in PSE. As always, just holler in the Calls for Help forum if you have any questions...we got lots of answers :)
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    I just signed up too, and trying to navigate around and get acquainted. I saw the information about Wacom Tablet, can anyone tell me which one is the best to get? I noticed there are different sizes, 4x5 or 6x8 and maybe a word or two of how easy they are to work with. I do many of my own graphics and to plug them into a form to be able to use them on my scrapbook pages would be wonderful without having to deal with vector manipulation, would certainly make me happy. Finding this site most interesting, most knowledge friendly and a good place to talk about scrapbook pages. I just got my copy of Adobe Photo Elements and hope to start putting together my own pages. Any suggestions or advice most welcome. I will continue checking the Resources, Beginner section. Excited scapper!

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    Hello Debbie in TX, I just realize a fellow Texan joined in the time I did. I just got my new Adobe Photo Elements and hope to get into it soon. I've us Adobe CS but that is pretty heavy duty software and I forget from one sitting to the next what does what. Hope APE will be easier. Maybe together we can work through the resources and help each other out with stuff and it comes up. Well, talk to all again soon. :)

  9. I'm a digi newbie, and loving digi so far. I just need to figure out what the heck i did, i downloaded a bunch of files free off the net and bought a few too. i burned them to a CD (so I thought) and opened the cd, saw the file folders and thought I was good to go and deleted the files from my hard drive. well, last night i tried to open the cd files and there is NOTHING in the folders! WTH?

    I am just crushed... there are a few kits I bought that were on there, but not too many, but I cruised the internet for some awesome freebies and now most the download links have expired.

    What do you all do when saving files? Do you put them on a CD, leave them on your computer or put them on a jump drive?

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    Wink newbie

    Just joined I have Photo Shop Elements 5. No experience with digital yet hoping to learn. I am a paper scrapbooker. Not sure how to get around on this site. I did download the freebie for joining.

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