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Thread: Swirls and doodles

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    Swirls and doodles

    Sinse english is not my first language I have some truoble understanding everyting.
    What is the diferense between a swirl and a doodle? I would think that a swirl is something wiht a curl on. But what defines a doodle? Is it something hand drawn?

  2. Hi Marianne,

    Doodles are whimsical, hand drawn designs of any kind and swirls is a design that can be done doodle style too but can also be elegant and not necessarily hand drawn. Hope that helps and welcome to GDS!

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    Oh, that's a new word for me, whimsical?
    But thanks for the answer:)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marianne View Post
    Oh, that's a new word for me, whimsical?

    Whimsy is like fanciful or playful

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    Now I understand

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