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    What do you spurlge on?

    Was replying to another thread that we are the sort of family that save and pinch on everything, and then spurlge on holidays!

    Well, i don't really mean spurlge, we stay in budget hotels and take public transport, but we go on holidays whenever we have some savings!

    So what do you spurlge on?

  2. I don't really buy clothes, shoes etc. I love to eat out. So that is something I splurge on. I also sometimes splurge on candles...I love Yankee Candle.

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    We splurge on eating out too!!! I prefer some one else to do the dishes whenever possible... LOL

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    Camera stuff, lenses and what not. I am hopeless....I just bought another lens the other day too!

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    Whenever we have saved up enough money, we like to splurge on things for the house - several years ago we saved up and splurged on an above ground pool. Then a couple years ago we splurged and rebuilt our back deck, adding a second level that wraps around about 1/4 of the pool. And when we need new furniture we splurge on the good wood stuff (rather than that pressed board stuff you have to put together). So, I guess we are kinda borring, but that's us, LOL

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    boring??? ha! how do you ever save that much up? well I usually splurge on the house too but nothing like ckmommy. Ive only been married 1.5 years and we dident have an wedding so I am still puting an home togather. neither of us make much so its slow going. I say "oh! look at this" and DH says "no". LOL! makes it hard to get things don.

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    What fantastic home improvements you've managed to splurge on, Melanie! I'm jealous!! My DH is just like you Rebecca, he only splurges on cameras and tennis rackets, I really don't mind the camera bit, !

  8. *clothes, disney dvds, whatever else for my kiddies
    * shoes, purses (i love them)

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    hhmmm I'm not great at saving (being a single Mum, I don't have much to save!) but when I do get some 'spare' money, it goes on stuff for the house - I love re-decorating and am in the process of doing my eldest dd's room - going from kiddie room to one a bit more grown-up!

    Also, on a smaller scale, it tends to be things for the girls - they were all treated to a pair of heelys each a few weeks back, and today its a day out shopping, and to the cinema.

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    Garden stuff! Seeds, watering wands, pots, flowers...I love them all. I spend way more on my garden than on my scrapbooks! My husband will ask me if I put in some more flowers and I just give him that "I don't know what you are talking about" look!


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