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Thread: May Commenting Contest ~ Check this out!

  1. May Commenting Contest ~ Check this out!

    Once again I'm in awe over May's contest outcome! Between THREE LADIES, they posted a combined total of an eye-popping...
    in our gallery alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So let's hear you congratulate these ladies:

    Anna (aka AGARZALDYNRD)
    Cathy (aka britnkaysmemaw2)
    Terri (aka tbcarter2002)

    I'll be sending you a PM to get our June collab kit "Catch the Day"! Thanks so much for all the love you show the community!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

  2. Can we rename them the Love Committee?? LOL! Your time is appreciated, girls. Makes the day so much better to get a nice comment on a layout!

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    OH, USA
    Wow! You are all amazing! It is such a treat to see your comments in the galleries!
    Congrats and Enjoy!

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    Sep 2008
    Austin, Tx.
    YAAY!!! I'm excited. Can't wait to get the kit. And thanks for posting so many WONDERFUL los. I am in awe at the creativity that comes from our group of talented individuals. Thanks!!!!

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    Congrats, ladies, you are the best!

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    Yay, I'm so excited to finally have the collab kit. It is FABULOUS! It's great to be rewarded for doing something so fun. I love seeing all the layouts posted in the gallery and get so much inspiration from them. There are lots of talented people around here. Thanks to all who share their creations for us to enjoy!

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    COGRATULATIONS! Ladies, your comments are appreciated and always welcome! :) THANK YOU!

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    Thanks so much. I have to agree with Teri & Anna, thanks to all of you for the awesome lo's you post so we can leave our love for you. Just downloaded the awesome colab kit, now off to check it all out, and start leaving more love in the gallery.

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    congratulations! The three of you deserve it! You've brought so much encouragement to all of us :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by maricar_casuga View Post
    congratulations! The three of you deserve it! You've brought so much encouragement to all of us :-)
    You are terrific, thankyou so much for your lovely comments.

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