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  1. Oh dang. I missed the chat.

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    Thanks CKBYMOMMY I think I will continue to print my kits but I will try to organize them on my computer also. I missed the chat but when I did come in, a few of you were still there that and gave me some great info. Thanks a lot and I enjoyed talking with you all.

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    Oh crap... I missed it! I thought it was tonight!!!

    But anyway... this is a good start for me.
    I've been working in ACDSee. But now I can oranginze them in folders like this.

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    I love how you have organized all your downloads. My question is how do you name them so that you know who created the items and where it came from?

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    I name each item by the designer and the type of elements it is... most designers these days do this already for you but if it's an older kit that isn't done that way I rename the item.

    For example a flower by me would be taraparks_element_pinkflower.

    You could use the name of the kits the item came from as well so that you know what kit it came from,,that's up to you.

    Hope this helped!
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    Seems I am the only one that this system didnt work for.
    What I have had to do is keep the entire kit in tact. I have folders for certian themes and each kit is assigned a theme
    Seasons with subfolders for each season
    Holidays with subfolders for each holiday
    Baby & Kids
    General Family

    you get the idea. They are also backed up on dvd in the same manner, each theme has its own dvd.

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    Smile Oh thank you for the help

    Well I just did my first 20 gig of all my scrap booking supplies!

    I followed your suggestions and wow it helps. Especially since most of that 20 gig went onto DVD's so I have HD space again (only have a 38 gig hd).

    I also made jpg's of each item and made a file that is listed. Each file coresponds to a folder name. This way at a quick glance I know what is in them. These are for my DVD's only.

    So thank you so much for helping me get organized fast and simply!

  8. That's an idea - a jpg of the kit that has more details than the previews.

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