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    I just recently spent 3 days backing up all my photos and LOs! I have them all on my external hard drive anyway, but have backed them all onto disc. I made a disc (sometimes 2!!) for each month of the years I have been scrapping, and saved my Los and photos from each month to a different disc(s). I also have a book for each year, which I am altering into a disc case with a slip-in page for each disc. I am also planning on backing up the discs themselves and storing them at my dad's house just in case they fail or anything happens to the contents of my house!

    Next, it will be my kits - need to take a long holiday from everything else to get all of them backed up!

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    I guess live in the Twilight Zone! After I create a page, share it some places, print it, and get it in an album, I don't seem to care what happens to it.

    But--all my LOs are on my external drive.

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    I know how you feel. Last year I lost most of my photos & ironically they were scans of original photos someone in the family lost so they are forever gone.

    I signed up for SmugMug last year after my crash & ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

    I started with the free 14-day trial & was so pleased, I decided I never want to leave.

    The pros are unlimited storage, no ads, my friends do not need to join to view my photos, I can create endless galleries & password protect those that I want to remain private. I just can't say enough about it.

    Check it out here

    The only drawback is that they don't accept PSD files, but I think if enough of us requested that option, who knows... they might add it in the future.


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    I just found a new place, that looks like it could be good.

    You start with 2g of free space (or unlimited for a monthly fee). You do have to install their software on your computer, but when you do that you can configure it with the files you want backed up regularly and it will automatically back them up everytime you make a change. You can also get more free extra space just by referring people - starting with 256m extra just by clicking above. I'm not posting this here to get the referral (though it is a nice little thing) just think it's nice that you would get a bit extra, too.

    Though, I am finding that just 1/4 of my layouts in psd form are a full DVD, so the little 2g I have is not going to do a whole lotta good, LOL.

    Anyway, if you do want to try it and want that extra 256m for being referred, click this link .....
    Or if you prefer not to use the referral, you can go directly to

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ScrapGrl View Post

    I had saved all of my pictures on CD-R. Well, this weekend I went to scrap some pictures from one of the CDs and the CD wouldn't work. AAAAHHHH....

    Some of the folders had pictures in it but others were empty!! For no reason!

    Thanks GOD, I uploaded ALL of my pictures to YAHOO and was able to get them all from there. They are now on me EHD, on YAHOO and I plan to get some more CDs and back up another copy.

    So back up your back ups...I am so glad that I did!

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    Gmail (provided free by Google) lets you email up to 20 MB attachments now, and has over 2 gigs of space which increases all the time. I email myself pictures, and I also email them to other family members - spreading the love - so I know they will have anything I send as a backup. I also back up on DVD and hard drives. Right now I am the sole protector of pictures that are my grandson's great-great grandparents. That's pretty awesome responsibility! I believe in spreading it around so that there are as many copies as possible in as many different hands as possible.

    For myself, I do my work in png format, and save that and as a jpg also, so mega-space is very important to me.

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    A grandmother's place is at the computer or behind the camera!

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    Yup, gmail is great for storage .. and there's also Picasa for photos .. I have all my small LO's there, as well as quite a few photos!
    You get one gig of space free, then there's the option to upgrade to more space. It's a wonderful place and can coordinte with your computer! I organize all my pics with Picasa here and then upload the best ones to Picasa onlline :)

  8. I keep all pictures on my hard-drive. I burn CDs every 3-4 months (and always write the date, in order to burn a new on when it's old). Plus I made photo-albums at
    Worst-case scenario: computer crash and CDs dead... I won't be able to scrap, but I'll still have the best pictures in books.
    little snowflake, scrapping with the Gimp
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