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  1. Learned a lesson!


    I had saved all of my pictures on CD-R. Well, this weekend I went to scrap some pictures from one of the CDs and the CD wouldn't work. AAAAHHHH....

    Some of the folders had pictures in it but others were empty!! For no reason!

    Thanks GOD, I uploaded ALL of my pictures to YAHOO and was able to get them all from there. They are now on me EHD, on YAHOO and I plan to get some more CDs and back up another copy.

    So back up your back ups...I am so glad that I did!

  2. Oh wow! So glad you had something to go back to!!!
    I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

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    Oh man!! I am so glad for you that you had them somewhere else - I think I am going to find a few places online to upload all of mine - I worry about relying on one, what if they go out of business or have some sort of crash

  4. True...I tried but you have to upload each picture individually, I have hundreds so that will take FOREVER. Yahoo you can just choose the folder its in and then "select all photos". SO MUCH EASIER.

    Anyone know where else is good place to save pictures?

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    3,904 is free. You do have to download their photo tool plugin, but then it's as simple as dragging and dropping your pictures into folders you create. This one is nice if you want to be able to send the pictures to friends and family - as they can save full size photos onto their own computers (most won't as their intention is for you and your friends and family to have them printed and mailed) Only drawback is that is only allows bitmap, gif, and jpegs. is one I just found - it looks pretty good and also allows tiffs and pngs. Your photos are completely private unless you give your login in info away or hotlink a photo. Drawback: upload one photo at a time unless you download their (free) toolbar.

    Either of these is great for photos, but I still need somewhere for my layered templates and my unflattened layouts - my .pds files. There are several pay ones out there: (5g free, 50g for $9.95/month) and (20g for $4.95/month and photos in the photo album don't count toward your storage also offers 50g and 100g accounts)

    There are several out there who's intentions are for you to upload and then have them print your photos (whether for you or for your friends and family):, and are a few. I'm not sure if you can ever get the full size images back to your own computer with these though.

    Anyone know of one that allows .psd/.psp files to be uploaded and re-downloaded at full resolution?

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    I don't Melanie, cause I don't even really know what you are talking about... LOL.. flattened jpegs... whatever... LOL

    I should really look into backups of my back ups cause we did lose a bunch of pictures before, and it broke my heart!!!


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    I know what it is to lose pictures - my DH took a backup and then deleted a bunch off our computer. Several months later he overwrote the backup CD!! Fortunately he always makes two copies of important CDs, so he is still alive today... :)

    But this reminds me - I HAVE to do a backup (actually 2) ASAP because it has been a long time since my last archive.


  8. Thanks for the info. I am going to use AOL. Yahoo doesn't save them full size either....but really, I was just happy to have the pictures than not having them at all!

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    Thumbs up Online hosting of files.

    There are a few places that you have probably run across in some manner and didn't even think of them as places to store you files. Zip files, photos, text files. They are hard things to store safely it seems.

    Check out 4shared, they offer multiple options. I shared the link to their site's listing of account options. Their min free accounts only hold 1 gig, but as long as you log in every month. Also the largest file can be 50MB so not too bad. I have run across some people who have multiple free account's so they may use those 1 GB's freely.

    Teresa P aka taslle

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    You know...
    I have yet to create any back ups of anything I have.
    I keep forgetting to do it. Even though I just went out and bought some DVD's to do just that.
    Can you say procrastinator??? LOL

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