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Thread: Ahhhhhh why is it doing this? font problem.

  1. Ahhhhhh why is it doing this? font problem.

    Hi ladies! I have a very annoying problem.

    I'm a blogger and I designed my blog with the help of pse 7. I'm making my header and the text is coming out funny.

    It looks like its being stretched and the pixels are messed up. I'm not making it big and it looks like this on all the different fonts I use.

    How can I get the text fonts to look normal and smooth. Not blurry.

    I use a white background and set the res to 72.

    Here is my blog so you can see. Thanks for the help. Steph.

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    Love your blog and the yummy recipes!
    I have problems with my blog too and just about gave up figuring it out.

    One thing I learned from trying to make blinkies was that if I started to create at the lower resolution, things looked distorted.

    So I started just like I would with a scrap page, at the 300dpi and a larger scale. At the end I resize and save for web, and that seemed to do the trick for me with blurriness.
    I am not the best blogger or Photoshop person, but it worked for me.
    Maybe someone else has some tips too?

    good luck!
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    Wow.. thanks for that tip! great to know :)

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