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    Idea for a kit or 2

    I'm big into Child Passenger Safety, you know, proper use of child seats, extended rear facing, extended harnessing that sort of thing. It would be great if someone could make a kit about this. If needed I could send links to sites that state the recommended usage.

    A few examples are that the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends keeping your children in the rear facing position until 2 years old and 30lbs. Also the very minimum for your child to use just the seat belt is 4' 9". Right now the law in most, if not all states is your child has to stay rear facing until 1 year old AND 20lbs, not 1 year OR 20lbs.

    Also if it could be commercial or personal use for no extra charge would be great also.

    Thanks to anyone who can do this.

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    Ouch this is a tricky one - have to give it some thought.

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