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Thread: Word Art color

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    Word Art color

    Please keep in mind I'm a beginner.
    I've added word art to a page, but want to change its color.
    How do I do that? I changed some with the paint bucket tool, but when I try to click on smaller words, it changes all of my background color.
    Must be an easier way I don't know. Can anyone help?

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    Several tools can help you do this, depending on software. What are you using?

    Generally, you don't want to just paint over or pour over all the pixels to change color of an object, as that will obliterate the color nuances (shading, highlighting, etc.) in the object. You can use a color replacement brush, color replacement tool, or use colorize in the adjustment of color.

    In the case of wordart, it is flat, so it's ok to paint over or pour over the pixels. You just have to lock the transparent pixels of that layer first, so painting and pouring will affect only the "type". Or, first select the non-transparent pixels of the layer by control-clicking (Command-click on a Mac) the layer's thumbnail in the layer window (assuming you're using Photoshop or Elements). Then paint or pour with your new color.

    Hope this helps!

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    I'm using PSE 6.0

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    Another way I change the color or feel of word art is to create a new layer on top of the word art and either fill that layer with the paint bucket tool, but more often I drag a paper I like to the layer, and then clip that to the word art.
    If it still looks flat, I might go to Adjustments, and colorize it using the slider tool.

    sometimes duplicating the layering and adjusting the blend modes will also give a cool effect -- color burn, soft light, luminosity -- all depends on what you like.

    Oh, a quick easy way too is to use your Styles if you have them. Sometimes I will drag a glitter sheet and clip that to the word art. I will duplicate the layer, move it underneath the glitterized one, and stroke it -- this can give the feel of a sticker or as if you cut something out and left a little border. I use a thin stroke with word art, just to give a little definition so that it shows up against your bg

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    Christina, I use PSE 6 and there are many ways to do this. Let me see if I can explain this. When I first started I found it difficult to follow directions when I couldn't find where all the "buttons" were to follow the directions so here it goes.
    1. in the layers palette make sure that the layer you want to color is highlighted.
    2. in the layers palette there is a little square that will create another layer. it is right under the pull down menu that says "normal"
    3. Once the layer is created, you won't see it on you work area but there will be a new layer showing on your layers palette, make sure the new layer is highlighted and take the paint bucket and spill the paint to this layer.
    4. Your entire page will turn that color
    5. Go up to the menu bar at the top and go to layer>group with previous.
    6. then go back to the layers palette and go to the pull down menu that says "normal", pull down and try some of those options.
    7. After I try each option I undo that option and try a new one.
    8. When I find the effect I like I hold down the control key and highlight both the new layer and the layer with what I'm re-coloring and merge them.

    Sometimes different terms are used for diff. programs. I always get stuck if I don't have the same program being used to give me instructions. Hope this helps. Let me know.

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    Great tips ladies. I have struggled with this as well.

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    Thank you so much!!! Your step by step instructions were perfect for a beginner like me....I did it!! :)
    Thanks for your help!

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